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Yeon-Chang Lee

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SCI(E)급 논문 (BK21PLUS 사업 인정 탑 컨퍼런스 논문 포함)
SCI(E)급 논문 (BK21PLUS 사업 인정 탑 컨퍼런스 논문 포함)
Jongwuk Lee, Dongwon Lee, Yeon-Chang Lee, Won-Seok Hwang, and Sang-Wook Kim, "Improving the Accuracy of Top-N Recommendation using a Preference Model," Information Sciences, Vol. 348, No. 20, pp. 290-304, June 2016. 
Kyung-Jae Cho, Yeon-Chang Lee, Kyungsik Han, Jaeho Choi, and Sang-Wook Kim, "No, That’s Not My Feedback: TV Show Recommendation Using Watchable Interval", In Proc. of the 35th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Engineering (IEEE ICDE 2019), pp. , Macau SAR, China, April 8-12, 2019. (accepted to appear) 
Yeon-Chang Lee, Sang-Wook Kim, and Dongwon Lee, “gOCCF: Graph-Theoretic One-Class Collaborative Filtering Based on Uninteresting Items”, In Proc. of Int'l AAAI Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2018), pp. 3448-3456, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA, Feb. 2-7, 2018 
Yujin Lee, Yeon-Chang Lee, Jiwon Hong, Sang-Wook Kim, "Exploiting Job Transition Patterns for Effective Job Recommendation", In Proc. of IEEE Int‘l Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2017), pp. 2414-2419, Banff, Canada, Oct. 5-8, 2017. 
Yeon-Chang Lee, Jungwan Yeom, Kiburm Song, Jiwoon Ha, Kichun Lee, Jangho Yeo, and Sang-Wook Kim, "Recommendation of Research Papers in DBpia: A Hybrid Approach Exploiting Content and Collaborative Data," In Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2016), pp. 2966-2971, Budapest, Hungary, Oct. 9-12, 2016.  
Yeon-Chang Lee, Jiwon Hong, and Sang-Wook Kim, "Job Recommendation in AskStory: Experiences, Methods, and Evaluation," In Proc. of the ACM Symp. on Applied Computing (ACM SAC 2016), pp. 780-786, Pisa, Italy April 4-8, 2016. 
6개 항목 표시